Free Write Friday; Time for a Picker



It’s that time again! Free Write Friday is back with another unique prompt for you. I’m so happy that everyone has enjoyed the Time & Place prompts and I promise, there will be more of them but, let’s change things up a bit this weekend. This prompt is what I like to call a “picker” because it forces you to think and “pick” at your brain. Free writing of course asks you to not do so much thinking as you write and I still agree however, I do want you to take a moment and immerse yourself in this thought before you begin. Then…just write.

If you are new to FWF, take a moment to read the Introduction. Otherwise, let’s get started. Here is your prompt



I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t be scared, just have fun with this. Be humorous if you like… Post the link to your entry in the comments section. And remember, if you tweet me your link with the hashtag #FWF and I will RT it for you!

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23 thoughts on “Free Write Friday; Time for a Picker

  1. Friday is becoming more of my favorite day (even MORE than before, if that’s even possible) because of free write day.

    My poem is ready to be read, already up on my site! Yay!

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