Hold the Line – A Poetry Documentary

Greetings to all the readers of this fine blog. Kellie has given us the opportunity to write a guest post so that we can tell you about our documentary film Hold the Line. Hold the Line is a documentary about poetry and its social impact, or relevance on the human condition. Through the use of stop-motion animation, powerful music and vibrant images, poems featured in the film will come to life and transcend their words and meanings. The goal for this film is not only to educate, but to show the public all that poetry has to offer by giving it the rock star treatment.

The diversity and writing coming from today’s poets is breeching all barriers in a style all its own. The words are seeping into pamphlets, websites, guerilla beat journals and song lyrics, already becoming a beacon of today’s pop culture. This new up-beat movement, a revolution in times of war, poverty, and general distrust and condemnation of governments will happen; on film, on paper and on-line, no matter what! It cannot be contained. A great deal of passion exists out there and a great deal of talent. We hope to celebrate that talent with our film.

We continue to get positive feedback from the public telling us that this film is very much needed, and that nothing else like it has been made or seen. This is the force that drives us.

Thus far, poet, musician and activist John Trudell is signed on for an interview as well as a true gem, ruth weiss (spelled lower case per her request). ruth is one of the last remaining beat poets of the Beat generation and we are honored to have her. We’ve also signed visionary and founder of 100Thousand Poets for Change Michael Rothenberg.

Our plan is to cover poetry from the Beat generation up to today with the New Poetry Movement and 100 Thousand Poets for Change, overall showing the positive impact poetry has on us and the world.

While working on this film has been a labor of love, we’ve also been witness to a true metamorphosis. Poetry has often been misunderstood, but in our research we’ve found that now more than ever before, younger people are reading and writing poetry. Poetry is taking off that old formal overcoat and flexing its muscle to show you can come as you are. The rules must not constrict, a new freedom exists. Hence the New Poetry Movement was born and we want to explore that. And with the help of other talented word-smiths and connoisseurs like you…we will!

If this sounds like a project you could get behind please follow the link below to our Kickstarter page and help us by donating or spreading the word! Once again…many thanks to Kellie for her support, and many thanks to you for your time! Poems like Howl were just the beginning of the revolution, the tip of the iceberg, the first battle in the war, help us continue, help us Hold the Line!

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