iHeart; Splash Me With Memories

iHeart the beach, the lake, the river…memories are made and so many good times happen near the water. Wouldn’t you agree? Share with me…

What do uHeart?

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27 thoughts on “iHeart; Splash Me With Memories

  1. iHeart The one and only time I went to a beach, I couldn’t take my eyes off the vastness of the ocean. At once, I was scared of being washed away but the thrill of going into the water was too intense and before long, I was running towards the shore and *SPLASH*

    Can never forget it.. :)

    1. Awww that reminds me of my sister! She had never seen the ocean before and that was how she looked as she stood in awe. =) And I agree, it is so overwhelming to look out as far as the eye can see on the big horizon…really puts one in their place in the world doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing!

  2. I spent the happiest days of my childhood living by the River Thames, mucking about in boats, playing untold games of adventure; even swimming and remembering in deep water the tales of a legendary six foot pike that fishermen told us inhabited the deeps around the lock and the weir! It is, for sure, the sound of water, gently trickling by or lapping against the timber hull of a rowing dingy, that is primeordially comforting. How would we live without it!

    1. sounds amazing! Love how the memories come trickling back! Many days on the river banks here and jumping from docks, bridges and falls…so much adventure as well! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Water!!!! hehe…almost everything i write has some kind of water element….In my mind i see the north GA mountains…rivers, brooks, streams, rocks, cliffs, waterfalls….Close my mind once more, and the wonderful FL streams are there….I can’t get enough of it…

  4. iheart the ocean. Whether its hot or cold, a walk along the beach is my ultimate relaxation. I once lived an hour away from the beach and I just couldn’t handle it. I need to be able to smell the sea breeze. Great post! :)

    1. and you really can smell it in the air can’t you? My sis and I took off to Myrtle Beach one summer and we got lost and it was already after dark. We could see the hotels and lights but, could not find the ocean lol My sis said “smell that? We have to be close!” and funny thing was, we had been riding along side of it the whole time and almost ended up way North! lol! I will never forget that smell though. It is hypnotic almost! Thank you for sharing. =) I’m happy you made it back… wish you could bottle some for me.

  5. iHeart the creek and the owls and the rabbits behind my house! iHeart all the wildflowers blooming in front of the treeline there. iHeart Holy Week and all the beauties discovered in my own Lenten Journey!
    iHeart the joy in your lakeside fun shown here.

  6. have always adored the beach from when i was a kid. spent many summers there with family, and that’s why i always knew one day i’d live there. well, a block and a half away. not complaining.

    1. that is exactly how I felt about the country. When I was young I used to come to Tennessee with my family from the metropolis of Columbus Ohio and the mountains just captivated me. I knew I wanted to live here one day. =) I actually wrote a poem titled “Uncle Junior” that speaks of this. (It’s in my book) =)

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