#FWF Free Write Friday; Photo Prompt


Welcome back to Free Write Friday! New here? Read the Intro!





It’s been a while since I have challenged you with a photo prompt and I found this really great one that I think, can take your pen in many different directions…this one is sure to entice your muse! Remember, just write…just go where your mind leads, where your ink flows, and let’s see where it takes you!








Things to remember...

  • Post your entry on your blog.
  • Comment this post with your link.
  • No deadline. No word limit.
  • Be kind & comment others.
  • Use the #FWF hashtag on Twitter & I will RT your link!

That’s it! Have a great weekend! Ready, set, write…

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44 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday; Photo Prompt

  1. Oh, I just love that picture with the typewriter…then again, I am biased :D

    I’d love to do this prompt as a first draft, typewriter poetry poem!

  2. Ah, so many directions a young life is faced with. I am planning to participate in your next FWF challenge on 04/27/2012. I am crossing my fingers I can follow all the rules correctly when it comes to posting the link on comments on your post that day and tweeting properly, etc.

    1. Ohhh no! There are really no “rules”. Just write what comes to you. Share the link with me and if you tweet your link just hash me with #FWF and I will RT. Simple! SOOO happy you will be joining us! xoxox

  3. Wow, this is amazing. I’m definitely going to participate soon. I’m a freelance writer, but I’m in the process of writing my first novel, so I can use the inspiration. Thanks.

    Upon this gravel path
    I am standing
    at the crossroads
    of my life’s beginning
    Decisions precision
    A must.. for death beckons
    Standing at the crossroads
    Upon this gravel path.

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