iHeart; Country Music and a Backroad

iHeart driving with the radio cranked up and this is MY feel good music. What’s yours? Share what music uHeart! 

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10 thoughts on “iHeart; Country Music and a Backroad

  1. iHeart country music, as well! Jason Aldean’s album My Kinda Party was amazing… Tattoos on This Town and Fly Over States always get to me when they come on. <3

  2. Kellie, I’m in the same country boat! We love country music, all you have on this post, and have seen many in concert. Tim, Faith, Martina and Carrie are also favorites! My daughter’s dream is to be a country singer and end up in Nashville! She’s in college now, so we shall see! Enjoy! ♫

    1. Oddly enough, I have YET to see any of my fave country singers in concert! :( I know… and I live in the south! lol! I’d love to see Kenny or Rascal Flatts!

      Fingers crossed for your daughter! I wish her the best as long as she keeps school a priority then she can chase her dreams! =) I have some lyrics i have played around with…maybe she could sing them for me someday! =)
      xox~ Kellie

      1. I hope you’ll get the chance soon! We’ve seen Tim and Faith, Rascal Flatts, Sarah Evans, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton and my kids might have seen more, as I don’t remember…Yes, school comes first, then the dreams and I’ll keep your lyrics in mind! :) xo

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