Hiding Dirty Laundry

the way they think it’s supposed to be –
idealized by chic flicks and Kardashian romance.
It makes me giggle because, to me,
this thing called love is more than the
tossing of words and displays of touching lips and smiles,
hiding dirty laundry with ghosts in the closet
and the keeping of secrets about unpretty things
that happen behind closed doors, all for the need of envy

but, let them see us

outside of snapshot moments and status updates
and let them wonder why
we’d rather skip out on the party to watch t.v.
and play rummy on our un-made bed and let them see
how we fight because I forgot to wash your favorite shirt
or how pissed I can get because you didn’t get the right movie
then how you say I’m sorry baby and with a kiss, it’s forgotten
sweet but, a social media post just isn’t required,
so I keep watching as I fold my laundry
while they chase magazine lifestyles
and compete in 140 character popularity contests.

Author Notes:
PDA is now SMDA – Social Media Displays of Affection. If this offends anyone, lighten up. I am guilty of boasting about my “sweetest guy in the world” just as much as the next girl. I wrote this to poke fun at the way social media has become this outlet to show people how in love or happy we are when in fact, life behind closed doors (or off the Facebook wall) are not so “perfect” after-all.

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14 thoughts on “Hiding Dirty Laundry

  1. I know what you mean about Facebooking becoming just another vehicle for hiding dirty laundry! On the other hand, blogging in some folks’ hands seems to be a way to air all their dirty laundry over and over, ad infinitum!

  2. I’m I’m feeling this way right now! Life behind closed doors? Yikes! I’m about to go all mom on my kids and hubby for lack of help! But was thinking, I can’t blog about that?!?!! Can I?!? Maybe I should…..

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