#FWF – Free Write Friday; When You Find Me


When my son was little, he went through this phase where he worried about me dying. He would say, “what if I can’t find you in Heaven?” I have always had a spiritual connection to tree’s, particularly big old oak tree’s that stand alone out in the middle of fields. They almost speak to me, like ghostly grandfathers, wise and full of serenity and I am always at peace in their presence. So, to ease my son’s worry, I would tell him that he could find me by looking for the biggest tree on the highest hill and there, I would wait for him.

Today, I had just opened my youtube account and my first search was for “photography montage video’s” and the first return that I clicked was the following…and is this weeks Free Write Friday Prompt

This short film, a collaboration with Project Imagin8ion and Ron Howard and directed by Howard’s daughter, Bryce Dallace; is an exquisite blend of reality, the paranormal, spirituality and the human condition. Inspired by 8 winning photographs which you will view following the film. Set aside 25 minutes to watch “When You Find Me” and then free write for me about how this made you feel. Did it leave an impression on you? What did you take away from this?

Things to remember:


  • Post your entry on your blog.
  • Comment this post with your link.
  • No deadline. No word limit.
  • Be kind & comment others.
  • Use the #FWF hashtag onTwitter & I will RT your link!

Have a great weekend! ~Kellie

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15 thoughts on “#FWF – Free Write Friday; When You Find Me

  1. I want to thank you all for taking time to watch and share in this edition of FWF. This was so very close to my heart and I appreciate your participation so much. Each piece was extraordinary and touched me deeply. It means so much that you wrote for me even with such as difficult prompt. I know it was different and I asked a lot which makes your submissions even more special to me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I hope it left you with a good feeling all over =) Big hugs! xoxoxox ♥

  2. Hi Kellie. Well, this one pushed every one of my emotional buttons and it’s weird because again I had a piece prepared which I had written as part of my writing challenge. From the opening scene in this, I was taken immediately to the place I wrote about. It details a place where there is a moment for reconnection between me and the spirit of m own mother. A tough subject very very very close to my heart and one I have also tried to explore through a poetry collection I recently submitted to WGP. Here is the link… http://wp.me/p2dIML-6r

  3. Ohhh I have always felt the same thing, Kellie. I feel such a strong connection to trees and find so energized when I am surrounded by them. Wonderful post.

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