Free Write Friday

#FWF Free Write Friday; Inspired by Waiting Bridges

Welcome back to Free Write Friday! If you are new, feel free to read the intro. Otherwise, let’s get started!

I was recently moved by a beautiful collaboration of poetry and music by fellow Winter Goose Publishing Author, Jessica Kristie and Artist & Composer Tom Cloverfield titled, Waiting Bridges. (Click here to listen to the track on SoundCloud)  This piece left me wide open to so many ideas and thoughts that the image of a bridge can posses and I wanted more! So, where else better to get it than to give my wonderfully amazing FWF writers the pen and let them give it to me! This week, I am including more than one image so you may choose the one that speaks most to you. I am so very excited to see what you bring and I, with unrestrained enthusiasm, encourage you to have a listen to the track, Waiting Bridges as well. If you like it (and I KNOW you will) you can purchase it now at iTunesAmazonJunoDownload & Beatport. I promise, you will be inspired.

Here are your prompts…

Things to remember:
  • Post your entry on your blog.
  • Comment this post with your link.
  • No deadline. No word limit.
  • Be kind & comment others.
  • Use #FWF hashtag on Twitter & I will RT your link! (micropoetry welcome!)

Have a great weekend! ~Kellie

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