Washing Dishes, Naked

Image Credit: Jezebel.com
Image Credit: Jezebel.com

I take them off
for the shower and
when I’m preparing meatloaf
or washing the dishes
I even do it when I’m
planting flowers.
It feels so wrong
to be stripped of them
but I have to, because-

I cooked them once;
biscuits with a
wedding band.

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19 thoughts on “Washing Dishes, Naked

  1. Love this, Kellie.
    Also, beware of bandaids…my mother decades ago made a “bandaide meatloaf”…my father discovered the
    bandaide at supper…I don’t remember his exact remark…my mother was so upset at it…but all meatloaf in the future
    was known as “?? band-aide meatloaf??”.
    Soooo….” wedding band biscuits ” has a nice ring to it ☺

    1. :) Boy, I am so happy you did! I have been sitting here re-reading it over and over, trying to play on the words a little more so people REALLY don’t think I do these things in my birthday suit lol.

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