Author Notes: My Novella Has A Home

Winter Goose Publishing

For those of you who have stood by me through this journey into fiction, I am pleased to tell you that Winter Goose Publishing has read it and agreed to publish!

It’s titled Withering, and is my first attempt at fiction in length. It was my intention to produce for you a full length novel, but as most of you who have followed my writing journey (here) know, I am a brevity kind of gal who loves to write short prose, so this endeavor was a reach for me. Which is why I decided to release the story as a novella. Twenty thousand more words and I would have been at novel length, sure. But twenty thousand more words would have diluted the mood/feel of the story which I am trying to tell. In my opinion, the story is told in all it’s dark and emotional detail and anything more would have been simply filler. And I did not want any fluff to this story.

Stay tuned as I will continue to keep you posted on the editing process and offer you the opportunity to name one of my characters.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Keep writing!


P.S…here is the prologue, in case you missed it. Read it here

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  1. All the best for the ride you’re still on, however many wheels, or legs it has under you, for you’ve still got a few miles ahead on this honest hard earned journey. For I hear the revision and editing processes takes a bit, to climb up and over top rail or barb… All the best, Kellie…

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