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Missing the Magic: Returning to my Roots

I thought it was time for an update. And I am super excited about what I am about to tell you that I may ramble a bit. I do that when I’m excited…or when I’m nervous…or sometimes I eat instead of ramble… haha, see what I mean? So, please, stay with me as I just talk this out.

Over the last few years, I have been so very fortunate to spend most of my time writing, and then to see my writing published. It has been a dream come true. From the emotional prose of Magic in the Backyard to my fiction novella, Withering, coming out this year, and two other (very different) collections in between, I have been on such a ride. Trying new things with my writing has been enjoyable, yet challenging. And it’s time for me to go back to where it all started.

Magic in the Backyard was and is my baby. It was the most honest that my pen has ever been, as it derived from the deepest places and the most inspiring, emotional times of my life. Surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of my home in east Tennessee, I was able to fold myself into the landscape and weave together stories that brought healing and happiness to my soul. The words in Magic seemed to move so many people and I believe that is because I was being true to myself. Because I was doing what I always preach at others to do…write in the moment.

Now, I’m not saying that I stopped writing in the moment, but rather, tried to recreate moments, if that makes sense at all?

Although Jagged Little Pieces (my second collection) was a work of truth as well, I had to go back to places and dig up those old feelings. Where as in Magic, those places, those memories, those old feelings came knocking on my door. Make sense? And my latest release, Candy from Strangers, was my first attempt at short fiction…completely out of my comfort zone. (By the way, how do you like it?)

Withering, my soon to be released novella, is also a work of fiction, yet it holds truth within its characters of people I have known. It will be an emotional ride as well. For both myself, and its readers. I can honestly say that I am on the edge of my seat awaiting its arrival.

Okay…now to the point.

I have tried new things, I have journeyed with my pen, and I am ready to go home again. I am now taking time for myself, reflecting on this short life, its fleeting moments and savoring the landscape once more. My pen has its magic ink back and I am knee deep into a new collection of southern-rooted, nature-inspired, feel-good, summertime lovin’ prose. A prequel, if you will, to Magic in the Backyard. I call her, Summer’s Spell. And I feel the same overwhelming joy and lump-in-throat inspiration as I did when penning Magic. That to me, is like sheer bliss. Unlike my feelings pre Jagged and Candy, I have no reservations, doubts or fear for what is being birthed. And I am convinced that you will fall under my spell once again. Yep. I am that confident.

Thank you for taking this ride with me. Wanna go again? :)


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30 thoughts on “Missing the Magic: Returning to my Roots

  1. You’re so inspiring, Kellie!! You make all this book creating look effortless! A step I have yet to accomplish…but you make it look do-able…

    I’m excited to see where this spell enchants us to…wonderful that you’re in that magical truth-felt zone…nothing like it!

    ♥ to you and your endeavors, Kellie!

  2. Kellie, when you know the title long before it comes out, long before it’s finished…that has ALWAYS been a very good sign to me. SO pleased to hear you so excited! Have fun on this journey! We’re obviously all with you!

  3. I am so happy for you and i also have a question for you. A friend, who has been in the professional part of book writing has had my book for over a year. She promised to have it to me by Christmas but did not. She is working with it on Create Space and has struggled for weeks with the numbering of the pages. Getting it correctly on C.S. She has contacted C.S. and still has not solved it. Is there any way that you can guide me or help her by emails?

    • Thank you, Terry. SO nice to hear from you!
      I’m sorry you are having issues getting your book finished and I sure wish I could help, but I have zero experience with Create Space, or any other self publishing platform for that matter. My publisher handles all that stuff for me. I couldn’t format something if my life depended on it lol!

      Maybe YouTube has some kind of video tutorials to walk her through the process. They have everything on there.

      Best of luck. Keep me posted. I would love to have a copy once it’s done :)

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