My Happiness

My happiness does not lie as a man in the bed next to me. My happiness does not lie in a house filled with fancy things. My happiness does not lie in a number; of friends, of wins, on the scale or my age. My happiness does not lie in the reflection in the mirror, what I see or what they see. My happiness is not one of those fragile, tangible things that can be stolen, broken, tarnished, or left behind when my flesh and bone rots in the grave. No. My happiness lies inside of me. In my SPIRIT. Because that is the only thing that is forever. And as for anything which threatens that happiness, I must turn away.


Random Thoughts on the Value of Air

It’s funny… I entered the title, placed my cursor in the text box and reached for my lighter. My cigarette had gone out and I had to light it back up before I could begin this, this piece of whatever you want to call it, about the importance of life and the ‘value of air’. So I suppose in some sense, I have already condemned myself to hypocrisy. Irony?

I have been on a mission to seek peace and happiness. A new spiritual path to find some kind of calm within myself. A way to escape the chaos of my overactive mind and the dis-accord of the world around me. I decided to remove myself from situations that will strike anger, withdraw from people who negatively affect me and lock myself away inside this happy bubble of silence and confinement. Which is located in my bedroom because taking off to live alone in a hut in the Himalayas is just not feasible. (My son and my husband would starve to death.)

In a post I wrote to you a while back, I explained how I would be attempting to take up the act of meditation. I must confess, I did not do it right away. But I did finally discipline myself recently and have been taking ten to thirty minutes a day to practice through guided meditation. So far, it has been beneficial. One major change I have noticed has been the way I react to certain things. Things that would normally ignite my fuse and set me blazing, have been easier for me to let go of and just breathe through them. Of course, my husband has no idea how to take this. For instance, he tells me he is going fishing and without argument, I simply say “okay.” Next thing you know he is kicking off his shoes and saying, “I’m not going.” All because my response was ‘too easy’ he thought something was ‘up’.

I’m still giggling.

My Facebook news feed is filled with so many positive quotes and sayings. I think I have ‘liked’ almost every page there is that was designed in the name of inspiration. Rumi, Ghandi, Gibran… I am constantly entertained by positive words. I find myself becoming enlightened as I scroll through my special list, reading various wisdom and ideas. And I began to think, ‘wow, what if the whole world were like my news feed? What if television programming and movies and billboards and workplaces were plastered with these positive images. What if the media bombarded us with all the good and happy in the world instead. What if?’ You must have experienced a moment of sheer inner joy while reading or watching something inspirational. Can you imagine if that is all we were subjected to? Can you imagine everyone walking around with that feeling inside of them all the time? What if…right?

I believe… I believe…

I’m not saying that the world can ever be perfect. Where there is good, there too is evil. But what I am saying is…majority rules. And when the majority is at peace…peace will reign.

I often wish that more people could grasp this same logic. I wish more people would make time to step away from the unimportant trivialities of the world that have consumed us and escape into their own happy bubble. I wish for homes for the homeless, food for the hungry, loving parents for orphaned children… I have a lot of wishes, but I know that looking to the sky will not grant them. I know that I have to be my own star. As beings that feel emotion, we are designed to have purpose, or at least the need to feel we have a purpose. We cannot help but feel for another because we have felt it too, or we hope we never do. Either way, we bond in our human attachment.

Today I decided to share something inspiring in the midst of a media driven internet littered with woe and frenzy. I hope you will take today to share only things that soften the heart and kiss the soul.

There is a reason we are here. A reason we breathe. And air is invaluable. Every breath is an irreplaceable moment.



A Love Letter to the Worrisome


Hey you…

Let me share with you some things you need to hear. Some cliche’, some original, ALL from my heart…

There’s an old saying;
“I once cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

If you are worrying, stop. It’s a waste of time. Especially if it’s over the petty things, when there are others worse off than you.

Nothing is birthed from worry except wrinkles.

I used to be like you. Full of questions and “what if’s”. How am I going to pay this? What if I don’t get that job/raise? What if they don’t like me? What if it rains? What if the biscuits get done before the gravy? Nobody likes a cold biscuit!

I will not de-value your struggles and worry. I have been there, and I know it can feel unbearable. The elephant on not only your back, but plopped down right there on your chest…and you cant breathe. The anxiety, the clenched fists, the nail biting, the racing heart…yea, I have been there.

But there is good news! This too shall pass…

Have you ever worried away that car payment? If you have, then worry on my friend! But chances are, even after stressing over it for two weeks straight, that bill still came and you managed to get by… You’re still cruising!

You see, worry never fixes, replaces, repairs, pays for or erases anything. It get’s you absolutely nowhere. You might as well go jump in a river and start paddling upstream…you will get farther and more accomplished by fighting raging rapids then by sitting there with a worrisome head.


“God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I used to have a picture on my wall that said this and I never really “got it”. But one day it clicked.

Call it God, call it Karma, call it divine intervention…

There was a day I had no money. Zero, zilch, not a single penny to roll. We check the mail and there is one envelope that says “Get paid today”. It’s a letter with information on how to earn money by taking surveys. Guess what is inside. Go on, you’ll never guess. Five one dollar bills. Real. Cash.
No, if course that isn’t alot of money and I’m sure your reaction is, confused. But it was that five dollars that put gas in our car to get me to an interview the next morning that got me a job. Which was the whole reason we wrecked the house searching for pennies to begin with.

Things seem to happen right on time. Just when we need them to, not when we want them to.

I had an epiphany that day and I remembered that Serenity Prayer. I decided I would fix what I knew I could fix and leave the rest alone. Once I applied that to my life, I began moving upstream, over rocks and through a tubulant world without worry weighing me down.

Now if I can do it, I know you can do it!

Right now, free yourself from worry! If you must, write down what is stressing you. Strike through those things you know you cannot do anything about today.
Take a huge deeeeep breath. Exhale…
and let them go!

Today will be a good day.
I promise. ♥

If all else fails, go for a long walk on those two feet you got!

Hakuna Matata (it means “no worries”)



Written for The World Needs More Love Letters

Magic in the Backyard™
©Kellie Elmore

Free Write Friday; Don’t worry, be happy!



Free Write Friday is back and because that makes me so happy, this FWF segment is Happiness!

Write for me a piece that describes happiness, what makes you happy or about the happiest moment in your life. Let me feel it, make me smile, make me happy!

If this is your first time participating in FWF, take a moment to read the Introduction.

I’m looking forward to reading your contributions! Ready, set, WRITE!

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©Kellie Elmore